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!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!

Here is a challenge for you all:

Copy-paste your friends list on here. Then say something after each name that you would like to say to them, but maybe never have. Even the people you never talk to...
What would you say?

aberbitch: You'll always be "Lindsay from Dallas," who I see at random cool events. Always ready for an adventure

beat_me_down: You’ll always be my honorary little sister. I remember at my birthday parties back in the day, people thought you were my little sister. You might not know this, but I’m proud of you. I’ll always be here if you need me, and I mean that.

Bluebella: We go back to the days of nicknames at recess. Like Stringbean and Skittles and whatnot. I think we made some crazy video freshman year of high school for English or something. And you rocked at Battle of the Bands =-)

Chrisakaruss: Hmm… I don’t think you use live journal anymore. But anyway. You’re very much fun. Also, thanks for helping me with the first C program I had to write because I’d never seen that stuff before, but you might not remember that.

Coneist: I know I haven’t seen you in a long time, but I hope you’re doing well and stuff. We should hang out sometime. Remember the crazy times in that BMS class junior year… or whatever it was called? Always finishing assignments early and listening to music and writing on livejournal. What a crazy class.

diannalovesyou2: You’re good at expressing yourself, really. We should hang out next time I’m in Houston or something. You’re fun to get coffee with and share weird stories with.

Ernebo: You’re a very good soccer player. Also an accomplice for crazy adventures back in high school days. I hope you’re doing well. You’re ambitious and I have a lot of respect for you

Fritzerland: I haven’t seen you since before summer, and I’m not sure if you use livejournal anymore. But… thank you for you and Mimi staying up all night talking with me that one night. You know which one. You guys are great. Good things came from that.

Iamgene: Reggie and the Full Effect? Dancing to doot doot pause doot doot? That was way cool. Oh, at my birthday party one year, it was awesome when yall sang Earth Angel to me and stuff. You were definitely one of my favorite random adventure people. And I always used to feel like I could talk to you about everything…

Jennibee: I don’t know you that well, really, but I remember when we all went to Laser Quest for Lauren’s birthday senior year and IHOP and stuff, that was fun. And your journal is cool =-)

Linzzzz: One of those times I randomly saw you at Tulane, you gave me Pad Thai left over from something, and it was FANTASTIC because I was very hungry. Another time it was Halloween and we all walked around drunk looking for street or bar or something that I don’t think we ever found. You’re very fun.

magnolia85: It’s fun seeing you at Five Dollar Friend shows, but I haven’t been in a while. I should go. You and my sister have the same name. That’s pretty cool.

Oxygenwasteland: Ah, my real sister. I didn’t try at school in highschool either, but there comes a time when you DO have to try. Just be aware of that. When we were little, I always wanted to make sure you’d turn out cool. I tried to “teach” you not to be a brat, to like good music, movies, and general things. When I was little I was so determined for you not to be spoiled like Danielle. I tried to give you my insight on everything. And I’m proud of you, I couldn’t have ended up with a better sister. We may not look very similar, but if you know us you can probably tell pretty easily we’re related.

rainisnice: Never afraid to be different. Also you're confident in your opinions and not afraid to stand your ground.

Scfsara: You’ve always been a big role model for me. I don’t know how often you get on here, so you might not see this. As I tried to do for my sister, I feel you’ve also done for me. Especially the music thing. =-) You’re a really awesome cousin. Also a great cook.

selene212: Whenever you say you have a belief, you really believe it, and you still believe it later. And you back it up. I admire that about you. It’s hard to be that way. You are also a part of waaaayyyy too many fun adventures to list. I wouldn’t know where to start. I remember you always made bad ass tea, though.

Tbobmccoy: Yeah… I don’t think I really know you, but you’re friends with Keith I’m pretty sure

Thisisnotlance: Also part of that crazy BMS class or whatever it was called. I’ve known you since like first grade or something. You’re really smart, and fun and like to do crazy things. And that’s good, because I need people to do fun and crazy things with. I remember in like first grade you used to stick stuff in ant beds or something and not be afraid. That was impressive. =-)

Tingyo: Another cool EE, one of the few I talk to at all outside of school. I should really change that sometime, maybe. Your livejournal always looks interesting and exciting.

tweedledee412: You’re a really good leader. You’ve got that whole leader personality thing I think. And you’re also a part of those “waaay” too many fun adventures to list. Ahhh… like my sophomore year of highschool when we all drank everclear at your house and were all paranoid about stuff… put sheets over the windows. Freakin awesome

undeniablynikki: I hope you like Austin and are finding fun stuff to do here. (No bad intent to Brent intended) And maybe I shouldn’t say this, but I have no doubt you’ll find a guy that’s better for you than Brent. Cause you deserve it. We should hang out more, now that you’re in Austin.

Watchthematches: You have the same last name as me, which is wayyy cool. And you’re awesome at drums.

Wayworn: You gave me that cool Fight Club poster for my birthday one time (I think it was you). I also think you and Alexis were at my house when my dad first announced I was going to get my car, and showed me the picture of that crazy old Volvo.

Yourgirlfriday: The first few times I saw you here at UT, you’d forget that we’d met before. Until I’d say I was Gianpaolo’s date to yall’s prom. Then you’d remember. I thought that was funny.

Zardoz: I had fun at the party at yall’s house a few weeks ago. The trashcan punch was actually very good. Those Hulk hands and light sabers were really cool, too.

Ziffer: You’re one of my sister’s friends, I think. Good. Keep her in line.
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