k8 the gr8 (krogers) wrote,
k8 the gr8


-Dentist appointment tomorrow morning and then I'm driving to New Orleans. Pray that my car doesn't go all crazy on me.
-I have a phone interview at 2 so I'm at Java House because they wanted me to look at something online that I'll need a high speed connection for, but we have dial-up at my house. I hope it's not too loud in here during the interview.
-Java House isn't as good as Vienna, but Vienna doesn't have wireless, so I'll pretend to like it here. I mean, Java House is nice and everything, but they don't have very good drinks/ they have expensive drinks.
-I hate hate hate searching for an internship. And its not even a full time job. wtf. People's parents make one phone call and they're in without having to put forth any effort. I put forth tons of effort and feel like I generally have the results to show for my efforts. But for some reason, I still can't get a job I want. One more reason for me to go to grad school- because searching for a job is rediculous.
-Houston is pretty boring, but at least my fire station is here
-I hate interviews.
-I finished one of my homeworks thats due when I get back. I think that leaves 2 more to do + 1 test to study for.
-Spring break is a tease.
-But I had some time to work out, which is nice
-Did I mention that I'm bored, and have an hour to wait until my interview?
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