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Weird Times

Cleaning out the apartment that I've lived in for two years.
Leaving the University I've been at for four years.
Getting ready to clean out my old car (20 yrs old) and move into my new one.
Getting ready to look for a new apartment in Champagne, Illinois.
Getting ready to spend the summer at an internship in Washington State.
Getting ready to have to say goodbye to the fire department for a while.
Fnishing studying for my last final as an undergrad.
Breaking up with the boy I've been dating for over four years... not because I want to but because he's long since given up I guess and there's nothing I can do. He's not even nice anymore. And he really did used to be. He's actually pretty mean to me now. And not that funny mean that some people pull off very well. He's like a different person. I don't understand it. I don't understand why I deserve to be treated so badly by someone who claims he loves me. It's rather depressing, actually.

Well. Back to packing things now.
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