k8 the gr8 (krogers) wrote,
k8 the gr8

One year (almost)

The year, in memories:

Nursing and staring at my darling for so long, so often
Fish tanks and the Dallas aquarium
Eating chicken curry that Komal's mom made
Walking holding her hand
Squeals of delight
Laughing hysterically
Stopping and picking up every leaf she can find
Getting my nails done with the Bradley girls shortly before my due date and telling them "look how my belly's hard; that's a contraction"
Running and jumping into my arms
Her nibbling Matt's ear and laughing
Going down the slide in Houston
Swinging next to Wes
Hugging Wes and really playing with him
Seeing newborn Fox
Sticking her fingers in Fox's mouth
Swimming and hiking at Mary Meade
Swim lessons at the ARC
Dancing in music class
Looking out the sliding glass door at Mary Meade
Learning how to sit in a tiny rocking chair on her own
Walking down the road at Mary Meade then stopping to pick up all of the tiny rocks with hopes of eating them
Seeing her for the first time, when she was born as she was screaming and reaching for me
Watching that birth mark on the back of her head gradually fade then disappear
Watching her hair turn from blonde to red to blonde
Watching her grow in giant step changes overnight
Getting to love her infant room and teachers, Ms. Sherrie and Ms. Raquel
Holding my tiny girl in the ER after her 2 month shots caused a bad reaction
Smiling with bandaids the size of her thighs
My heart melting when I go into her when she's crying
Her first real tears
Jumping on her mattress so you can hear it jiggle
Giving kisses
Loving dogs
Her social laugh- Matt's chuckle
Head crawling like an inch worm
Standing on her own the first times
Speed crawler
Walking with arms out to the sides
Red cowboy boots
Bringing me her shoes to put on and then sitting in my lap while I do it
How proud she is about knowing how to use the potty
How cute she is whenever something amazes her
How desperate she seems when she wants me to hold her
How much she genuinely loves and enjoys other people
How secure I think she is about herself
Tiny bites out of a big apple
How big her personality has always been
Loves mandarin oranges
Baby selfies
Wanting the iPhone
Learning how to stand in the shower
Brushing her teeth
Doublefisting the toothbrushes
Stealing Mama's toothbrushes
Laughing at her Minions toothbrush in the car for at least an hour
Crying in the car for 6 hours
Loving every minute of airplane flights
Looking out the airplane window
Getting airplane passengers to become her close friends
The library
Sleeping in her stroller
Sleeping in her car seat
Not wanting to sleep in her crib
Cuddle nursing
Nursing tank tops, I'll be glad to wear something else
Flying Machine weekends from 11 days old
Engineering Open House
African dance drum performance
Crawling around PowerWorld
Walking into random offices at ITI
A blur, I can't remember a thing
Boredom, lack of places I could take my baby
Loneliness, no family around
Laying in the bathtub the first few weeks of my pregnancy, staring up at the shower head, praying desperately for her to make it, praying that the Lord would protect his child (thank you for hearing me, Lord!)
Thank you for being who you are, Mary Evelyn. Somehow if you had a less determined spirit, I'm not sure you would have made it here
Thank you, Dr. Wozniak. I believe you also saved her.
Sleep deprivation
Unpaid maternity leave
Paying my own health insurance
Poor pumping conditions
Pumping stress
Pumping in my car
Pumping in the CSL studio bathroom
Massive sleep deprivation
Support of an unorthodox working situation
Succeeding one day at a time
Never give up completely
Don't give up what you have now for something you might have
But you can't give up on that thing you might have, or you'll also give up all hope
Breastfeeding support group on Facebook
Remind yourself of why you do what you do
Give thanks
Be humbled
Be yourself, be honest, and be honest with yourself
Davis cookies
A darling girl
A darling husband

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