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Thoughts on Alpha


I've taken a few days to get back to you because I had so many thoughts reading Alpha that I didn't want to trivialize it with too brief of a response. I did read it on the plane on Thursday. I loved it. Your description of it to me was very accurate -- Alpha could be anyone. It is extremely multi-diminsional, and it is definitely so much more than a book. When you said it is your soul, I see that, too.

Truthfully, it is a masterpiece. Some other works came to mind that remind me a bit of your writing -- Voltaire (Candide), GEB (Godel, Esher, Bach), and David Foster Wallace. Alpha is deeply compelling and convicting. The reader is drawn in, and they become Alpha. Please keep writing it. I want to finish reading the whole thing. I am not kidding when I say I think it's worthy of becoming a masterpiece. You are deeply talented, and still very young. If you think about most masters of their arts, a lot do not come up with their best works at the age of 20. Though, a few known masters were early prodigies. And I think this is prodigy level. I want to see Alpha come out victorious.

It is so unique. It stands out from most anything I've ever read. It was hard for me to think of how to classify it while reading it. It's really more philosophy and non-fiction than a novel, though characters convey these concepts. I think this is why it reminded me of other great philosopher's writings (notably Voltaire, who I love). Zac, I see how you are Alpha, and in writing Alpha you are like the crusader breaking those other kids out of the castle. It's an important task and you do seem uniquely qualified to do this. It takes great skill and talent to be able to express such complicated concepts so beautifully and clearly and with such vivid images and allegory, as you have done. I am actually having a difficult time finding the best adjectives to explain to you my thoughts on it.

It's more than worthy of publication. The steps to do that is not really my area, though I would like to help however I can. I know about electrical engineering publications, but next to nothing about literature publication. What I do know is that you really really have something here. Thank you for letting me read your draft.

Your cousin,
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