k8 the gr8 (krogers) wrote,
k8 the gr8

really messed up dreams

Last night I kept dreaming that my teeth were falling out. It would always be at least 2 or 3 teeth. And they'd fall out randomly. And then I'd freak out and call dentists to put them back in or something. I called 2 dentists who said they couldn't see me for a few days. And I was like no!!! I can't walk around without teeth! I called some other dentist that I barely remembered hearing about. He was really rich and retired, and he didn't want anyone to know he was a dentist. But he still did dentist stuff for a hobby sometimes, and when I called he agreed to help. Although he never actually did.
Even in the dream it seemed really messed up because I was like "No! I brush my teeth all the time! How can this happen to me?" And then I'd think that maybe it wasn't happening and maybe I was dreaming, but I kept finding out that I wasn't dreaming. And then I'd wake up. (This happened like twice, actually, not just once).

And then I went back to sleep, and kept ending up back in the same dream. I'd get back in the dream. And I would find people and tell them "It was a dream! I knew it! It was a dream! My teeth didn't really fall out!" And I would be so relieved.

And at some point in the dream, I think after I came back into the dream. I was imprisoned with a bunch of people who danced and we were dancing behind these bars. The people watching were from high school, and a lot of the other dancers were bailadoras. But it was scary somehow. Because I wasn't supposed to be there. And Amanda was in the audience, right on the other side of the bars. And she was like, "Kate, why are you up there dancing with ?"

And I told them all this stuff my teeth falling out in the dream. And after all that, I went and looked in the mirror and two of my teeth were gone. It was kind of fucked up.
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