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Hey, guess what?

Matt and I are engaged!

^This is how I started my emails to people to announce it =-)

My way of announcing it in person is to stand up and flash my hand at people like it's a gang sign.  Then, the ring is apparent, because it is very sparkly. 

A few comments with respect to rings:
1) Rings have sizes.  I know because when Matt proposed and I first  had the ring, it was about twice the cross-sectional area of my finger.  Then, we went to have it resized, and it was still too big, so it had to get resized again.  So, apparently my ring size is 4.  What are other people's? 

2) Are you supposed to take it off when you sleep?  This is a really key question that shouldn't be hard to get the answer to.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night I took it off.  Tuesday we took it to get resized and that was finished today.  So the question is whether I'm supposed to take it off tonight or not.  

3) I wasn't sure which hand it was supposed to go on when Matt proposed, but I guess it's the left hand (Matt knew).

4) Again, it's very sparkly.  I'm used to looking at my finger and seeing nothing there and now it's like woah! (Remember when people used to always say "like woah"? Or did they?)

5) My fingers are not normal.  That is, they are slightly webbed.  I don't know how to explain this without a very detailed photo with overlayed arrows.  I mean, one end of the finger comes down much further than the other end.  Not a big deal until you wear a ring =-) and then it is noticeable.

Pictures from Day 1 (mostly) are here:

I'm going to eat now. 

More on the *story* later, and other aspects of this engagement.

As Vanessa would say, "woot".

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